Valentine's Day Sale!

Shmeeb as posted Feb 13, 15

Hello everyone! We are going to be having a Valentine's Day sale! Everything in our store will be 25% off from now until February 17th! Get that rank you've been wanting while it's cheap! Happy Valentine's Day!

- EC Staff

Do not change your username!

Shmeeb as posted Feb 4, 15

As of today, players are able to change their Minecraft usernames. This change is based on UUIDs introduced in newer versions of Minecraft. However, older versions of Minecraft, including versions of the servers we're running, this UUID system is not implemented. Due to this, all player data, including ranks, donator perks, inventories, and GP, are bound to your Minecraft username, not a UUID. Therefore, changing your username currently is the same as creating a brand new account. Everyone who is considering changing their usernames are highly urged to wait for a solution to this, as we will not be able to transfer everything over for everyone who changes their username. Again, if you change your username, you WILL lose EVERYTHING, we cannot at this time do much, if anything, about it. To anyone who has already changed their username, the only thing we are able to switch over is your donator rank, but you will need to create a thread on the forums.

TL;DR: Don't change your username.

Official Announcement:



- EC Staff

jjkitchen245 i spent two days filling that orb and i am ticked off
jjkitchen245 I am made] at the staff for restarting the server because i was battling a moltres and when i got back on it despawned ...

Direwolf 1.7! Finally!

TPNils as
TPNils @ EnderCraft Direwolf20
posted Jan 20, 15
Hey peeps!

After a long time, we are finally updating our direwolf20 server to the latest version. Minecraft 1.7.10 pack version 1.0.3. This will mean a new spawn area, a new map and a ton of new and updated mods. Tommorrow around 12pm GMT the server will be made public so be sure to hop on our brand new direwolf server. You will have to connect to dw.endercraft.com, not play.endercraft.com.

On a sad note, we are closing argarian skies. We are not able to fix the quest reset, the island creation problems or random lagspikes. We will add a new server in the future to replace AG, but it will not be a modpack which contains HQM (the quest mod) due to the problems that we already encountered with it.

Edit: The DW server is up and AG is closed.

 - EC staff
poppet1693 Hey... It keeps telling me a list of mod rejections (pretty much every mod) I dont understand wat this means please help ...
TPNils as
TPNils @ EnderCraft Direwolf20
this week we will start setting up 2 new servers. there is no eta (could take weeks) they will possebly not release on ...
ookagaricrypt It might be interesting to have one of the super hard packs such as blood and bones or even if u can somehow get terrafi ...

25% off Christmas Sale!

Shmeeb as posted Dec 20, 14
Hello everyone! We are going to be having a Christmas sale! Everything in our store will be 25% off from now until January 1st! Get that rank you've been wanting while it's cheap! Merry Christmas!

- EC Staff
emile269 COME ON HELP ME
mellowmoe12345 please fix the lag in the servers. it would help if they were their own servers and not all linked. it is especially fru ...

Halloween Sale!

Shmeeb as posted Oct 29, 14
EDIT: SALE IS NOW OVER. Thank you to everyone who donated!

Hey everyone! It's that time of year again, so we have decided to run a Halloween  Sale! Everything in our store will be 25% off from now until November 4th. Have a happy Halloween!

- EC Staff
5SidedTriangle Old post is old
banyung U guys should put keep inventory in pixelmon
kerellen unable to get halloween sale trying to get legend, normally $40 but with sale $30. how do i get this? help please!