Direwolf 1.7! Finally!

TPNils as posted Jan 20, 15
Hey peeps!

After a long time, we are finally updating our direwolf20 server to the latest version. Minecraft 1.7.10 pack version 1.0.3. This will mean a new spawn area, a new map and a ton of new and updated mods. Tommorrow around 12pm GMT the server will be made public so be sure to hop on our brand new direwolf server. You will have to connect to dw.endercraft.com, not play.endercraft.com.

On a sad note, we are closing argarian skies. We are not able to fix the quest reset, the island creation problems or random lagspikes. We will add a new server in the future to replace AG, but it will not be a modpack which contains HQM (the quest mod) due to the problems that we already encountered with it.

Edit: The DW server is up and AG is closed.

 - EC staff
Eli_the_Knight @ EnderCraft Direwo...
I agree with the idea of skyfactory 2 been waiting for a server for it... It is a great pack and hard to stop playing ...
Silver_Birds_1st How about Tolkiencraft 2? That i have heard is a fun pack to play with...
Vulcan_Miner1701 Aww... I loved the AG server... I'm gonna so miss that one...

25% off Christmas Sale!

Shmeeb as posted Dec 20, 14
Hello everyone! We are going to be having a Christmas sale! Everything in our store will be 25% off from now until January 1st! Get that rank you've been wanting while it's cheap! Merry Christmas!

- EC Staff
emile269 COME ON HELP ME
mellowmoe12345 please fix the lag in the servers. it would help if they were their own servers and not all linked. it is especially fru ...

Halloween Sale!

Shmeeb as posted Oct 29, 14
EDIT: SALE IS NOW OVER. Thank you to everyone who donated!

Hey everyone! It's that time of year again, so we have decided to run a Halloween  Sale! Everything in our store will be 25% off from now until November 4th. Have a happy Halloween!

- EC Staff
5SidedTriangle Old post is old
banyung U guys should put keep inventory in pixelmon
kerellen unable to get halloween sale trying to get legend, normally $40 but with sale $30. how do i get this? help please!

Vote tokens!

Shmeeb as posted Oct 18, 14
Hello everyone

      As many of you have probably already noticed, we have finally implemented our new voting system, vote tokens. Every time you vote (you can vote on 
multiple sites to maximize points), you are rewarded with 1 vote token. Vote tokens are synced between all servers, so you can vote on Direwolf20 and still have your tokens on Monster. To spend the tokens, type "/shop", and a GUI will appear on your screen with all of the items you can buy. You can either spend your tokens right away and get the normal rewards, or save them and get better rewards. If you guys have any questions or comments about how this system works, please comment below or make a thread on the forums.

Hope you like it!
- EC Staff
Naoggeddon s I think it would be nice to be able to have a fixed way to get aura nodes on AG
Stevaerus s As far as economy and money goes, sometimes it will be more useful to get the money and other times it will not. The sho ...
cyr1l Tokens are not synced between servers. I only got my tokens on Direwolf.
Hey everyone!

          The long awaited Pixelmon update is coming very soon. We have finally decided to update to the 1.7.10 versions to spice everyone's gameplay up. We decided to start with a fresh map, so everything except Pokemon, ranks, and /ar check time will be reset. I hope to have this done by Monday evening. While doing this, we are forced to take the Pixelmon server off the main hub because of mismatching Minecraft versions (1.7.10 clients can't connect to a 1.6.4 server). This means you won't be able to talk to players from other servers, and when the server restarts/crashes, you will be kicked from the server completely.

Furthermore, we have added "Crates" to the PixelSpark (they will be added to Pixelmon after the reset) servers. Keys to unlock the crates can be obtained by purchasing them at www.endercraft.com/pxpsshop. Crates include items such as legendaries, shinys, rare candy, master balls, and more. To use a key, right click the appropriate crate with the key in your hand, and to see the exact chances of getting said items, punch the chest.

EDIT: The server and pack has been updated, but it will take some time (a few minutes to a few hours) for the domain to propagate.

- EC Staff

04tristyman Shmeeb help
04tristyman Help shmeeb I brought a master create key but I did not get one help me out